Vitamin D: the beneficial effects


The congress of the Italian Society of Rheumatology (SIR) was held in Rimini. A session dedicated to metabolic diseases of the skeleton was held in which vitamin D was discussed. The effects of vitamin D supplementation in reducing the risk of fractures were evaluatedbut also in non-deficient subjects and without osteoporosis.


This study is absolutely not adaptable to subjects who are deficient in vitamin D, especially if they are also osteoporotic in which meta-analyses of various studies have confirmed that supplementation with vitamin D, especially if associated with adequate calcium intake, reduces the risk of any fracture especially those of the femur. So, the study in question, which I think is frankly not very useful for this goal, has only demonstrated the obvious: if you are not deficient, you do not need vitamin D supplementation to prevent fractures.

Maurizio Rossini, Professor of Rheumatology, University of Verona

Other messages from the same study instead reported positive extra skeletal effects of vitamin D supplementation. In fact, there was a reduction in the incidence of metastatic and fatal cancer of any type. Furthermore, also the incidence of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Not all vitamins D are created equal, D3 vitamins are more effective. Just use the correct dose of vitamin D. 

  • “Vitamin D benefits in deficient people but also in the elderly” (


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