Video games: if you like them violently, that’s why


These are the most famous names: Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Apex Legends or Fortnite, Assassin’s Creed, MultiVersus and the recent reboot of Saints Row. They are the most popular video games that have violence as a common denominator . They allow the player to interpret the story and get the experience. Why is violence in video games so attractive? Here is the University of Sydney wanted to give an answer. Violent video games are privileged because they satisfy man’s psychological needs such as improving his skills towards others and overcoming personal fears . Violence is therefore a means to improve ourselves.


They help explore our fears around death and can be an aid to expressing emotions. It is possible that people from lower social groups are drawn to violent video games out of a desire to attain a higher status, which perhaps they can attain through gaming. Multiplayer video games, in this sense, offer the player the most important satisfaction, since he is able to get instant feedback on the result of the performance, and there is positive feedback that pushes him to play more to improve in the game and in the comparisons of others.

Michael Kasumovic, one of the authors of this study

Researchers recommend monitoring the situation which varies from case to case. The category most at risk is that of the youngest who may not understand when to stop.

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