Victory of the stars thanks to luxury brands


Launchmetrics has made a ranking of the most important stars on the internet in 2022 with a relationship between quality and number of followers. Kim Kardashian is in first place with 9.3 million dollars in miv (about 8.82 million euros) for giving face to Balenciaga ‘s autumn-winter campaign . He earned the Kering brand $1.9 million. After her there is Kourtney Kardashian, who earned Dolce & Gabbana a total of 25.4 million dollars for her wedding dresses. 


Among the films that sold out is Harry Styles. Gucci supported the artist by providing the outfits for the tour with a profit of 3.5 million dollars for the same house. Rihanna follows in fourth place in the charts with a miv of 21.8 million dollars, after the debut of the new single Lift me up.

In the fashion sector, great attention is paid to Blackpinks. The South Korean girl brand with its participation in the MTV video music awards 2022 generated a total of 51.9 million dollars in miv. In the autumn-winter 2022 season, the ever-increasing trend of fashion brands to take advantage of the musical stars of the moment is noticeable.

One of the best-known stars from June 2021 to June was Zendaya with milestones of $1.2 billion miv. The brands you have collaborated with are Bulgari and Valentino. Another icon of the moment on the fashion scene is Lena Mahfouf with the Lvmh brand which earned 4.6 million dollars. With just one Instagram post from her, Mahfouf earned $471,000 with brands like Markarian, Bulgari and Jimmy Choo. Leonie Hanne, one of the best known faces of the fashion system , obtained a miv of 3.3 million dollars with the Cannes Film Festival. 


The Launchmetrics ranking closes Chiara Ferragni with over 28 million followers on Instagram is one of the favorite faces of luxury brands . She and she is the only Italian in the ranking. During the Met gala, dressed in Versace, Ferragni generated 3.2 million dollars of miv for the Medusa houseThe brand earned $707,000. During the fall-winter and spring-summer 2023 fashion month, you made it possible to obtain 2.8 million dollars in miv, improving Gucci’s positioning. He earned a total of $948,000 in miv.

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