Veterinary hospital: the first public hospital in Italy


The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, has announced a project for the first public veterinary hospital . The planned investment is 3.5 million euros, the works will be assigned shortly. It was Sabrina Alfonsi, municipal councilor for the environment who had arranged 135 thousand euros as funding to create the hospital and the renovation of the Muratella kennel. This is the largest kennel in the city and is often criticized for the management of the dogs hosted and the veterinary assistance provided.


The Capitoline Council has started the process that will lead to the complete redevelopment and expansion of the Muratella municipal kennel, and to the creation of a unique structure in Italy that will allow free access to animal care services. Thanks to assessor Alfonsi for the commitment that led to the realization of this project, the result of a comparison and a path shared with the network of voluntary associations. An important element for the protection of the well-being of our four-legged friends.

Roberto Gualtieri, mayor of Rome

The new project will occupy spaces not currently used and will include a 24-hour emergency room , state-of-the -art instruments , diagnostic and analysis laboratories . Including plaster room, two operating theatres, a room for the post-operative hospitalization and intensive care. An area for the isolation of dogs with transmissible diseases will also be set up.

  • The Mayor of Rome confirms: at Muratella the first public veterinary hospital in Italy (


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