US President Biden meets with Israeli President Herzog

US President Joe Biden and Israeli President Isaac Herzog met at the White House to discuss the nuclear threat posed by Iran.

Making a statement before the meeting, Biden praised the agreement on the determination of maritime borders, which Israel is expected to sign with Lebanon tomorrow, and said, “Tomorrow, Israel and Lebanon will sign an agreement to establish a permanent maritime border. “I think this is a historic step,” he said.


Emphasizing the US support for Israel, Biden said, “I have often said Mr. President, if there was no Israel, we would have to invent one.”

“USA is our closest ally”

Herzog, on the other hand, described Biden as a true friend of Israel and said, “The United States is our closest ally.” Stating that they will also discuss the nuclear threat posed by Iran during the meeting, Herzog referred to the protests in Iran and pointed out that the Iranian administration, which is persecuting its own people, is on the way to having nuclear power. Herzog accused Iran of supplying Russia with weapons used to kill Ukrainians.

Herzog also thanked Biden for mediating the maritime border agreement between Israel and Lebanon.


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