US goods trade deficit hits 3-month high

The goods trade deficit in the US rose to $92.2 billion in September and recorded its highest level in three months.

The goods trade deficit in the USA increased by 5.7 percent on a monthly basis to $ 92.2 billion in September, recording the highest level in three months.


The US Department of Commerce released data on the balance of goods trade, wholesale and retail stocks for September.

Accordingly, the goods trade deficit, which is called the leading foreign trade deficit, increased by 5.7 percent in September compared to the previous month and rose to 92.2 billion dollars.

The goods trade deficit, which increased after shrinking for 5 consecutive months and reached its highest level in 3 months, was 87.3 billion dollars in August .

Goods exports decreased by 1.5 percent to 177.6 billion dollars in September, while goods imports increased by 0.8 percent to 269.8 billion dollars.



In September, wholesale stocks increased by 0.8 percent and retail stocks increased by 0.4 percent on a monthly basis.



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