US fighter jet in Japan crashes on landing gear due to malfunction

A US fighter jet stationed at Japan’s Kadena Air Base crashed on its landing gear due to a technical malfunction. While it was announced that the nose of the aircraft was damaged, it was learned that the pilot was not injured.

Yesterday , we were on the verge of disaster at Kadena Air Base on the island of Okinawa, Japan. It Was Reported That A US F-35B Lightning II fighter jet, which made an emergency landing at the airbase , crashed on the landing gear due to technical failure. While it was learned that the nose part of the plane was damaged in the accident, it was noted that the rescue team and fire crews stationed at the top intervened and removed the pilot from the cockpit. A detailed investigation into the incident has been initiated.



The F-35B Lightning II, which stands out as the short take-off-vertical landing model of the F-35 family, is generally preferred on aircraft carriers due to its ability to take off and vertical landing from very short runways.


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