Unemployment increased in Germany

The number of unemployed in Germany rose by only 17 thousand to 2 million 538 thousand despite high energy prices and inflation.

The German Federal Employment Agency (BA) announced the November data on unemployment figures.


Accordingly, the seasonally adjusted number of unemployed in the country increased by 17 thousand in November compared to the previous month and reached 2 million 538 thousand. The expectation for the number of unemployed in the markets was an increase of 14 thousand in November.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate also rose to 5.6 percent from 5.5 percent in November.

“Overall, the labor market is stable,” said Daniel Terzenbach, Member of the Board of the Federal Employment Agency. used the phrase.

According to the provisional data released by the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the number of employees in the country increased by 32 thousand to 45.7 million in October 2022.


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