Ukrainian Air Force: Russia is preparing for a major attack

Russia’s airstrikes in Ukraine had decreased in recent days. British intelligence reports had published reports that Russia had reduced the attacks because it did not have enough missiles left. Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesman Yuriy İhnat claimed that Russia was preparing a new attack.

Spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat said on the Ukrainian national television on November 30 that Russia has increased the number of aircraft at the Engels military airport in Saratov Oblast, and that this activity may be aimed at increasing the attacks in Ukraine.


Spokesperson İhnat brought to the agenda that the number of Russian planes and the number of missiles left for strategic bombers to launch is more important, adding that Russia does not have many strategic missiles left.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated last week that Russia is preparing for missile attacks again, and stated that difficult days are approaching. According to Ukrainian sources, Russia has carried out 16,000 missile and artillery strikes since the beginning of the war.


Zelenskiy, who said that Moscow will not stop targeting critical infrastructure facilities until the missiles in its hands are finished, warned the people of Ukraine . Stating that cold and dark weather is expected in the coming weeks, Zelenskiy said, “We understand that terrorists are planning new attacks. We know this as a fact. As long as they have missiles, unfortunately, they will not calm down.”

Stating that the defense forces and the whole country continue their preparations against the possibility of an attack, Zelenskiy said, “We are dealing with all scenarios together with our partners. Our unity should be ready for them. During the week, pay attention to the air alarms. By helping each other, we will even survive the war. This War is the cold of Russia . attempt to use it against people,” he said.



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