Ukraine expects a Russian attack this month

Ukraine’s Defense Minister, who is about to leave his post, said that they expect a new Russian attack in the coming days. Oleksiy Reznikov, who held a press conference, stated that all the weapons sent by his Western allies would not have arrived by then, but that they had sufficient reserves to hold the Russian forces.

Ukraine expects a Russian attack this month.


Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukrainian forces engaged in heavy fighting in Bakhmut, Vuhledar and Liman in the east.

Reznikov made his statements hours before he was removed from the Ministry of Defense.A politician from Zelensky’s party stated that Reznikov would be replaced by Military Intelligence Chief Kirilo Budonov.

The reassignment decision comes after a string of corruption scandals that have shaken the Department of Defense. Reznikov denied allegations in some media reports that some defense ministry officials were corrupting food purchases for the army.

“The war dictates personnel policy,” said Ukrainian lawmaker David Arakhamia, while announcing the reassignment. Reznikov was appointed to the Ministry of Strategic Industries.

Zelenski had fired a number of senior officials as part of his anti-corruption efforts. At the press conference before his dismissal from the ministry, Reznikov emphasized that Russia does not yet have the resources to launch an all-out attack, but that it can still launch an attack on February 24, the anniversary of the invasion, as a symbolic step.


Reznikov said that besides Ruya’s attacks in southern Ukraine, he could prioritize capturing the eastern Donbas region. The Defense Minister also stated that Ukrainian soldiers will start training with German-made Leopard tanks from today.

Reznikov stated that his country has received new missiles with a range of 150 kilometers, but they will not be used against Russian soil, but only against Russian troops invading Ukraine.

Despite The Flow Of Western Weapons To Ukraine, Russia, which sent more troops to the region , has made gains around Bakhmut in recent days.

It is stated that the mercenary company Wagner played a large part in the conflicts in the region. Wagner’s founder, Yevgeni Priozhin, said that in parts of the city there were violent clashes per street and that Ukrainian forces were fighting “to the last man”.

Russian forces have been trying to seize Bakhmut for months, and capturing this important area is crucial to the goal of capturing the entire Donbas region.


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