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UFL, FIFA’s rival “is 80% ready”: AI and cutscenes revealed in new video

The new official video updates us on the development of UFL.


UFL , the ambitious football title of Strikerz Inc, is finally back to show itself with a new video together with the developers , who revealed some new game clips to fans and discussed the current state of the project.

The new FIFA 23 rival (which you can find on sale on Amazon ) now seems to be almost completed, at least according to the development team’s claims: the football title would in fact now be ” 80% ready “.


The team has decided to take all the time necessary to work on the production of this ambitious sports simulator, to the point of announcing a postponement only a few months ago , quite predictably indeed: if everything goes according to plan, we will only see the game in 2023 .

After almost 3 months from the release of the first episode, which focused mainly on the new stadiums , the UFL team this time decided to showcase the AI ​​​​in detail and some new cutscenes in the second installment of The Journey, the new video series that explores the development of the game and which we will report to you at the beginning.

UFL, FIFA's rival "is 80% ready": AI and cutscenes revealed in new video

The developers explain that they have implemented many new graphic updates, made possible also thanks to the implementation of a new ” skeleton ” for the players on the field, as can be seen in the many cutscenes revealed in the video.


Among the scenes highlighted by the team you can see one of the celebrations , defenders and forwards preparing for an imminent corner kick and also a close-up on the goalkeepers.


For the moment only ” 20% ” of the development would remain to be completed, thus suggesting that production is proceeding at the right pace: for legal reasons it was not possible to show fans the faces of really existing players, but the video should nonetheless provide an interesting taste of what awaits them in the full version.


Previously, we recall that the rival of eFootball and FIFA had already offered the possibility to take a closer look at the gameplay of goalkeepers , which include high catches or even dives to the far post.


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