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Ubisoft is still betting on its new free-to-play: the public playtest arrives

Ubisoft does not give up and focuses again on XDefiant, the free to play shooter announced some time ago which is now starting public tests for crossplay.

Ubisoft is still betting on its new free-to-play: the public playtest arrives


Despite everything, Ubisoft still believes in some of its projects such as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant , the free-to-play shooter announced some time ago which is now starting a new playtest phase .

While titles like Skull and Bones (found on Amazon ) seem to be destined for eternal oblivion by the publisher.

A project that, after the umpteenth postponement , has seen a series of not indifferent requests for refunds from the players.


And while the surprise announcement of The Crew Motorfest has arrived , in an attempt to revitalize the franchise a few weeks ago, Ubisoft is relaunching its previously announced title.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant showed up for the first time in 2021, when Ubisoft showed it with an incomprehensible pride.


Since, probably, you may have removed it from your memory, here is the official description of the game:

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a fast-paced, free-to-play arena shooter that combines intense gunfights with custom loadouts and specialized factions of gunslinger squads, called Rebels, fighting for dominance.

And if it was reasonable to expect that XDefiant would be forgotten with a whistle, Ubisoft instead decided to start new playtests (via Destructoid ).

The XDefiant playtest will start tomorrow, February 16th and will run until Sunday, February 19th . During this period , PS5, PC and Xbox Series X owners who have a “Ubisoft Insider” account can download the game client and try it out.

There will be four game modes available (Escort, Domination, Occupy and Zone Control) across 13 of the game’s maps. For all other information you can also consult the official website which will also allow you to register .


Speaking of persistent games, Ubisoft Massive recently managed to crack its The Division 2 , making it impossible to apply one of the latest updates.

XDefiant is therefore one of the many Ubisoft titles that have been saved , in a list that has instead seen many others fallen.


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