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Uber’s driver app will work integrated with CarPlay

Uber drivers, who are iPhone users, will be able to use the Uber driver application via the car’s home screen with CarPlay.

Uber, which is the most popular application in the world for calling a car , continues to offer new features to make the life of its drivers easier. According to the information revealed in an e-mail sent by Uber to its drivers, the company has made an important integration for its drivers using iPhone.

We have conveyed CarPlay, a platform developed by Apple for cars, to you many times in the past years. CarPlay, which basically serves as an entertainment and information platform that works on the main screen of the vehicle, also offers many different features.

According to the information that Uber conveys to its drivers via e-mail, the application developed by Uber for drivers will work in integration with CarPlay. In short , Uber drivers who are iPhone users will be able to use the Uber driver application via CarPlay via the car’s home screen. 

As a reminder, the driver application was only available on smartphones until now. With CarPlay integration, the application can be used on a larger screen. Drivers will be able to access details such as navigation and user information on the screen.

Let’s also point out that drivers must have a car with iPhone and CarPlay support in order to use this feature . The integration will initially only be available to Uber drivers in the US . It would not be wrong to say that the integration, which will be available for all drivers as of the end of February, will be available for other countries in the coming days.


We have also conveyed to you in the past months that Uber, whose number of downloads has reached 5.2 million in Turkey, has grown by 120 percent compared to its pre-access ban . Uber, which provides service in our country with taxis, although not with the main working model, also launched its courier service for Istanbul last month . 


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