Type 1 diabetes: treatment facilitated by the digital revolution


When we talk about diabetes we are referring to a pathology that affects many of us and that we need to know thoroughly.

In this article we will understand not only what it is, but also how it can be and above all we will highlight a way to be able to treat it in a completely innovative way and as you would never have imagined.

Diabetes and the connection with technology

When you hear about diabetes, a series of thoughts usually arise that see this disease as debilitating or otherwise difficult to live with for those who suffer from it. Surely this difficult aspect of diabetes management is true. It is in fact a pathology that compromises the functioning of the subject and which in any case also determines a change in his habits .

But what we must also remember, when we hear about diabetes , is that there is a treatment that has numerous advantages. Those who suffer from this disease manage to live in a more or less serene way and are also able to control it precisely through the treatment that is assigned. Furthermore, what must also be remembered is that precisely the treatment has been subject to a real technological revolution . Especially in recent decades, in fact, there has been a change in the treatment itself which has become increasingly technological.

And this process of change has not stopped yet, quite the contrary. Today there is a new revolution. Those suffering from type 1 diabetes will only be able to check their insulin level by accessing an app on their smartphone . It may seem utopian but it is reality.


Let’s find out the details together below.

What is type 1 diabetes: Valuable information

When we speak of Diabetes, we refer to a very vast disease which therefore cannot be treated as ” generic”.

Type 1 diabetes , in fact, is a rare disease but it affects a large part of the population. It is an autoimmune disease that mainly affects people of infant and young age. In reality today it is known that this disease can arise at any age, even adult / elderly.

Type 1 diabetes is the inefficiency of the immune system which then attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin. Insulin is the hormone essential for the use of  glucose  as an energy source for our body.

Treatment of type 1 diabetes: how it has changed

The treatment of type 1 diabetes therefore consists of administering insulin into the body. However, there have been real revolutions in this field. In fact, the treatment saw its first turning point when new insulins were produced that effectively simulate the activity of the pancreas. This allows, therefore, to have glycemic control.

Once the new insulins were available, a series of insulin pumps were prepared which therefore allow continuous subcutaneous administration of insulin. This mechanism, in fact, allows the infusion of insulin 24 hours a day, without interruptions. Of course, how fast the insulin is infused will depend on the time of day.

Continuous monitoring systems were also added to this. They were a real revolution. They were designed and then introduced in the 1990s and made it possible to replace the lancing device that was previously used for measuring blood sugar.

In short, in this way, therefore, “do-it-yourself” monitoring can be avoided. Through continuous monitoring, in fact, it is precisely that system that sends signals to the insulin pump without capillary sampling.

Both of these factors allow people with type 1 diabetes to live peacefully and serenely. The quality of life has increased as has its duration: more and more people are able to live longer.

The current revolution: what it consists of

However, the revolutions in the treatment of type 1 diabetes are not over. Science and medicine have always been united fields and, therefore, have made it possible to implement real steps forward as regards diabetes .

Today, however, a new method for treatment has been devised. It was thought of using the smartphone which, today, has become an essential element in the lives of many of us.

And in fact, the smartphone has been used for continuous monitoring. An algorithm integration for continuous glucose monitoring and adaptive automated dispensing has been implemented within an app.

Therefore the patient with diabetes will be able to live his life in a completely serene and safe way. Furthermore, it will be enough to have only three devices always with you, i.e. the insulin pump, the sensor and then the smartphone with the app which then receives the data from the two devices. It is thanks to the algorithm that the therapy can be regulated precisely thanks to the data sent and received. In short, a beautiful revolution, beautiful and effective. Would you have ever said that?

  • The future of type 1 diabetes treatment? It’s in the smartphone in your pocket (


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