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Two Games Are Free This Week On The Epic Games Store, So What’s Next Next Week?

Don’t forget to add the free games to your Epic Games Store library between December 8th – 15th!

As you know, Epic Games Store   continues to distribute free games every week . This week, two games were offered to users for free. Also, let’s see what will be free in the store next week.


The first of the free games is Saints Row IV: Re-Elected from Deep Silver’s beloved action series  , and the second is Wildcat Gun Machine , an independent action dungeon crawling game developed by Chunkybox Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment  .

If you add these two games to your Epic Games Store library between December 8th and 15th, they are yours permanently.

So what’s next on the Epic Games Store?

As you know, Epic Games organizes mysterious free game campaigns during the Christmas season. This campaign period starts next week and the first free game will be given on December 15th. Within the scope of the campaign, free games and in-game cosmetics will be distributed every day for 15 days. There will also be 25% off coupons and discounts on many games.

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