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Twitter will manually verify each account and there will be three different ticks: blue, green and gold


Perhaps Twitter has figured out how to sell the blue checks without compromising the security and reliability of the platform. The launch of the new version of Twitter Blue was a resounding disaster: trolls used the new paid blue tick system to impersonate companies such as Nintendo, Lockheed Martin and Ely Lilly, causing enormous damage to the stock market for some of them.


To prevent this disaster from happening again, Twitter has put new Twitter Blue memberships on hold, taking some time to figure out how to correct the shot. The result is a new system, illustrated by Elon Musk in these hours.

In essence, in the future Twitter will give accounts three different types of badges (or ‘ticks’, as they are informally called): a blue one for all paying users, a gray one for institutions and a gold one for companies. In this way, simple users registered on Twitter Blue will no longer be able to impersonate companies listed on the stock exchange and, in theory, the disaster of the beginning of the month should never happen again.

Elon Musk then announced that each account will be manually verified , in order to neutralize possible attempts to violate the site’s policies in the bud. The new Twitter CEO added that users’ personal accounts will be able to have a second, smaller badge to show membership of a specific company, non-profit organization or institution.


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