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Twitter will actually introduce tweet editing, but Elon Musk has nothing to do with it


There doesn’t seem to be any major doubts: Twitter will soon allow the modification of already published tweets , as confirmed by almost all the official channels of the social network. The news is that Elon Musk has nothing to do with it , the company has been working on this novelty for a long time.


Elon Musk bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter this week, becoming the company’s largest shareholder. Yesterday Musk was also appointed to the company’s board as part of an agreement that prevents him from exceeding a certain quota threshold – 14.9% – in order to prevent him from becoming the majority shareholder of Twitter.

Among the very first moves as a Twitter shareholder , Elon Musk asked users if they wanted the introduction of the long-awaited ‘edit’ button. Obviously in the poll he swept the yes.

Twitter’s response: We’re already doing this, and Elon has nothing to do with it

A few hours after the tweet of the founder of Tesla, the official Twitter account explained that the function has actually been in the study for some time and that it will probably be introduced very soon for all users subscribed to Twitter Blue — at least initially, then it should become available to everyone.


Yes, we’ve been working on the ability to edit tweets since last year! No, the idea didn’t come to us from a certain poll. We will soon start the first tests within TwitterBlue Labs, in order to understand if it makes sense, how it works and how to improve the service


reads the post published by Twitter.

Jay Sullivan , No. 1 of Twitter’s consumer product division, also spoke on the subject , explaining that most likely the possibility of correcting any typo will be limited after a certain number of hours (or minutes) from publication and that this security measure was designed to avoid abuse, such as editing a viral tweet days later, a strategy that could be used to spread false news or hateful content.



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