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Twitter: the feed is flooded with tweets from Elon Musk, the CEO laughs about it (users much less)

Twitter: the feed is flooded with tweets from Elon Musk, and the CEO laughs about it (users less).


Twitter’s ‘For You’ section has a problem: Elon Musk. The tweets and even the replies from the CEO of the social network have invaded the users’ newsfeeds, stealing space from all other content. A notable fool, considering that just last week The Platformer had accused Elon Musk of being obsessed with the performance of his posts, to the point of having fired an engineer on the spot who had tried to reduce the problem.


Several users have noticed that the “For You” recommendation-based feed has been showing an excessive number of tweets and replies from Elon Musk for a few hours now. The content is displayed to all users, whether they follow the billionaire or not.

Elon Musk himself joked about it, posting a meme that makes fun of the problem. Apparently the Twitter developers are already working on a solution. Several users report that the number of recommendations from Musk’s tweets already appears to be declining.

The causes behind this grotesque accident are still unknown. The suspicion is that Musk has instructed the developers to give an artificial boost to all of his content and that they have followed orders to the letter (perhaps treading hand on purpose, to sabotage their boss).



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