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Twitter suspends Mastodon’s account

Currently, many links to Mastodon do not work on Twitter, and the platform marks them as “potentially harmful”.

If you remember, we told you on Webrazzi Insights in the past weeks that the demand for Twitter alternatives has increased by more than 650 percent . Especially Mastodon had been a shining venture among these alternatives. However, Twitter suspended Mastodon’s account. Currently, many links to Mastodon do not work on Twitter, and the platform marks them as “potentially harmful”. “We are unable to complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as potentially harmful.” expression appears. 


In addition to the suspension of the Mastodon account, some of Mastodon’s servers were also blocked from accessing Twitter. Banned domains include and, while links to other servers seem to continue to work.

There was an account on Twitter called @ElonJet that tracked the whereabouts of the company’s CEO Elon Musk’s private jet . According to the shared, the Mastodon ban is also related to this. The ban reportedly occurred shortly after the account tweeted a link to @ElonJet’s page on Mastodon. 

Recently, the demand for Mastodon has increased significantly. It is even possible to see Mastodon links in the profiles of many Twitter users. 

According to the information shared by Sensor Tower, Mastodon and Tumblr took the lead as alternative social media platforms in the USA within a week of the completion of the Twitter acquisition. Mastodon reached approximately 322,000 downloads from US app stores within 12 days of purchase (October 27-November 7). Globally, the number of users of the application increased by 657 percent compared to the previous period and reached 1 million. 

We will wait and see together what will happen in this regard and how Twitter will follow on Mastodon. 



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