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Twitter, new wave of layoffs: other heads jump in content moderation

Twitter, new wave of layoffs: other heads jump in content moderation.


Twitter reportedly fired around a dozen workers employed on the content moderation team at its Singapore and Dublin offices. The news was reported by the media outlet Bloomberg.


This would be yet another wave of redundancies after Twitter had already halved its workforce in the weeks immediately following the change of ownership. The bulk of the layoffs had been concentrated in the non-engineering divisions: human resources, content moderation, and public relations above all.

The new cuts would affect the teams in charge of moderating content and in particular some people who had the task of coordinating Twitter’s efforts to fight online disinformation. Among the illustrious layoffs, Bloomberg mentions the name of Analuisa Dominguez , an executive who was in charge, among other things, of Twitter Blue and advertising.

Twitter isn’t doing too well, it seems. The continuous layoffs are a desperate attempt by the new management to cut the exorbitant costs of the social network to the bone. The company, which Elon Musk and some other co-investors paid 44 billion dollars, is in deep losses, to the point that Musk himself had told employees that the risk of bankruptcy cannot be ruled out.


The company was recently sued for failing to pay rent on its San Francisco headquarters. The owner of the building complains that over $130,000 has not been paidPractically every month since the social network passed into the hands of Elon Musk. That’s not the only important debt: the company would also have failed to pay for the use of some private jets, for a total of another 190 thousand dollars still to be paid.



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