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Twitter: “more women fired than men”, the umpteenth class action starts


It was clear that firing more than 50% of employees within a few hours would not have been painless, but perhaps not even Elon Musk had foreseen the wave of legal actions that is hitting Twitter.


new class action lawsuit claims that female employees would be disproportionately affected by the redundancies. The accusation, in essence, is that he discriminated against employees on the basis of their gender. “Layoffs involved 57% of female employees, compared to 47% of male employees”.

“The layoffs involved 57% of female employees, versus 47% of male employees,” the class action reads.

It is easily explained, Elon Musk had tried to defend himself: the bulk of the layoffs concerned the human resources, moderation and PR departments, where the percentage of female workers was higher. In other words, Elon Musk would have replicated the ‘ engineering-first ‘ approach already introduced in all his other companies on Twitter.


But the signatories of the class action are not there: “even in the team of engineers and programmers, the percentage of fired employees would far exceed that of their male colleagues”. In this case the data is even more emblematic: the new management would have fired around 63% of female engineers (compared to 48% of positions occupied by men).


As we anticipated at the beginning, this is yet another legal action against Twitter and its new management. Recently the San Francisco administration opened an investigation contesting Twitter’s decision to allocate part of its offices to residential use, despite the fact that the company has never requested the necessary authorizations.



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