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Twitter has suspended Kanye West again after his endorsement of Adolf Hitler


As it turns out, not even Elon Musk can save Kanye West . The rapper, now known by the name Ye, was once again suspended from Twitter . It is currently unclear whether this is a temporary or lifetime suspension.


Kanye West guest of Alex Jones: “I like Hitler” and the embarrassed presenter sends the advertisement

Ye had recently been a guest on Info Wars , the program of conspiracy commentator Alex Jones. During her appearance on the show, Ye repeatedly mimicked former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and right-wing Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro by making anti-Semitic remarks . “They tried to portray you as a Nazi,” Alex Jones said at one point, trying to launch a criticism of the left-leaning media, but the presenter was interrupted by Ye, who admitted to being a fan of Adolf Hitler. “ I like Hitler “, He said to the general embarrassment and moments before Jones could interrupt the interview by sending the commercial.

In the same interview, Ye also expressed a confused reasoning about Adolf Hitler claiming that “he too had done good things” and, more generally, arguing that every person, even the most evil or controversial, has positive sides. Ye then made a parallel with Christ, explaining that the fundamental message of Christianity requires maintaining dialogue with everyone: “even with Harvey Weinstein”, he added. The implication is that everyone can be saved, even the most controversial figures in history. A reasoning that is difficult to share, but at least fascinating, if it weren’t for the fact that during the interview it was thwarted several times by what were unequivocally anti-Semitic phrases and appreciation of Nazism and that have nothing to do with this philosophy of extreme messianic indulgence that Kanye says he wants to support. All in all, Kanye West has pulled off the virtually impossible feat of making Alex Jones look like the most reasonable and sane person in the room, which is saying something considering we’re talking about a person recently sentenced to pay over $1 billion to the families of the victims. of the Sandy Hooks massacre — which he had initially dismissed as a hoax by the Secret Service.

Suspension from Twitter: Kanye West is too extreme even for Elon Musk

On the same day, Kanye West shared an anti-Semitic image with a Star of David and swastika. A few hours later, the rapper’s Twitter account was suspended again.


Kanye had already been banned for life from the social network, only to be reinstated recently when Elon Musk announced a sort of mass amnesty, reinstating Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson at the same time.


“I did my best,” Elon Musk tweeted disconsolately. “Nevertheless, he has again violated our policies against incitement to violence. His account will be suspended ».

In short, Kanye West is too extreme even for Twitter 2.0 and for the maximalist of ‘free speech’ Elon Musk. Curiously, Musk had previously stated that he did not want to reinstate only one other person on Twitter: Alex Jones himself .



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