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Twitter has changed its mind again about paid blue ticks


Twitter has changed plans again for its paid premium membership . Twitter Blue will no longer debut later this month, as originally planned. The social network has yet to figure out what to do to prevent the problem of impersonating VIPs, politicians and companies from happening again.

“We have suspended the launch of Blue Verified until we have more certainty about our strategy to stop identity theft,” explained Elon Musk . “We will probably use differently colored ticks to identify companies and individuals.”

The biggest concern of social media is the protection of companies. The launch of Twitter Blue has had disastrous results, precisely because numerous trolls have used the paid blue check to impersonate companies listed on the stock exchange, causing enormous economic damage.

The most emblematic case is the identity theft against Ely Lilly , an American pharmaceutical giant. “From now on, insulin will be offered free of charge .” Immediately after the post was published, the company plummeted on the stock market. Too bad the tweet didn’t come from Ely Lilli’s official account, but from that of a troll who had bought a blue tick, thus successfully posing as the colossus.

Twitter is working on a way to prevent such incidents from happening again. For example, the company may prohibit accounts less than 90 days old from purchasing Twitter Blue.



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