Twitter had plans for Trump months ago

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, revealed in his third disclosure to the company’s former management that the suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s account was discussed months ago.

In the post, it was stated that we are in contact with federal institutions on this issue. In this context, Twitter‘s former Head of Global Trust and Security, Yoel Roth, has published messages indicating that he has weekly meetings with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after the 2020 presidential election in the USA. The disclosures were again made through independent journalist Mark Taibbi. Stating that Twitter’s suspension of accounts was based on rules-based automation and the personal savings of some executives, Taibbi said that as the 2020 presidential elections approached, the company began to face pressure from federal institutions. Taibbi stated that by loosening the policies, intervention in high-level accounts began to be discussed and a “Slack” (messaging application) group was established for this after January 6th. of managers,



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