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Twitter hacker Geohot quits after less than a month: “no chance to contribute significantly”


The hacker known by the nickname Geohot is already fed up with Twitter. He had been called by Elon Musk to solve some of the technical problems of the social network once and for all.


Geohot had built an international reputation from a very young age, when he had managed to jailbreak the Playstation 3 before anyone else. In short, a veteran with an excellent resume who should have become a sort of mascot of the new Twitter management.

Too bad the honeymoon between the social network and the hacker didn’t last long, very little indeed. George Hotz has announced that he has terminated all relationships with Twitter. The resignations take effect today. The reason? “While I appreciate the opportunity given to me, I quickly realized that it would not have been possible for me to make a real contribution.”

Hotz joined the Twitter team just under a month ago. A month earlier he had left the leadership of Comma AI, a startup that develops autonomous driving solutions, but not before having defined the entire self-driving car sector as “a scam”.



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