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Twitter: Gold Tick for Businesses to Cost $1,000/Month (Plus $50 for Each Affiliate Account)

Twitter: Gold Tick for Businesses to Cost $1,000/Month (Plus $50 for Each Affiliate Account).


After offering everyone the chance to get the coveted blue check (just pay 7 euros a month), now Twitter is preparing to pass the collection by milking companies. They will also have to pay to remain verified on the social network (protecting themselves from cases of impersonation and attempted fraud).


The figure is astronomical and threatens to leave out small businesses and organizations completely. According to The Information, the new gold check (color chosen to differentiate from the old blue check) will cost $1,000 a month , plus $50 for each extra affiliate account (Walmart account will cost $1,000, while, for example, to uncheck secondary accounts such as Walmart South Dakota or Walmart Texas, you will have to pay an additional $50; you can also include the accounts of CEOs, managers, spokespersons, and so on as affiliates).

“As a member of the early access program, you will get a gold tick for your organization and affiliate ticks for associated pages,” reads the email obtained by the news organization. “If you want to subscribe, Verified for Organizations costs $1,000 a month and $50 for each secondary account you plan to verify, but the first month is free.”

Twitter launched the gold ticks along with its new Verification for Organizations (formerly known as Blue for Business) program, which allows businesses to “verify and stand out on Twitter.” Affiliate accounts, those that cost an extra $50 a month, will receive a personalized gold check with a thumbnail of the main account’s profile picture. A CNN reporter, to be clear, could have a check next to a mini-logo of the media he works for.



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