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Twitter: from next week, users will be able to earn money with their posts

Twitter: from next week, users will be able to earn money with their posts.


Twitter is working on a new monetization program for creators of the platform, which complements the Super Follow subscription launched in 2021. The new program will allow creators to earn from their tweets, without the need for a subscription from followers. The news was confirmed by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who announced that the beta of the new feature will start in some countries as early as next week.


We remind you that Super Follows are a form of donation conceptually similar to Twitch and Patreon programs: users can support their favorite content creators by paying a subscription and receiving some benefits in return, including access to exclusive tweets .

The new monetization is conceptually very different and is more reminiscent of what happens on YouTube: it is not necessary for users to pay a subscription, content creators will passively earn, thanks to banner ads, simply by writing engaging threads that are seen by many other users.

As promised by Musk in the past, the payment system should be extremely attractive, with a distribution of proceeds between the user and the platform better than that currently offered by YouTube (which keeps 55% of advertising revenues for itself). In a week, Twitter will provide more information about the monetization program beta.



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