Twitter exit from Germany: We follow with concern

It is reported that Germany is following the developments on Twitter with concern. Deputy Government Spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann made a statement regarding Twitter’s suspension of the accounts of some journalists, including The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and Voice of America reporters.

“We are watching with increasing concern what is happening on Twitter, including the latest developments regarding American journalists. We are watching this very closely and assessing what conclusions we can draw from this,” Hoffmann said. said.


Asked by a journalist what to do in Twitter’s attempt to suspend the accounts of journalists in Germany as well, Hoffmann said: “We haven’t set a threshold for that, but we’re looking at it very carefully within the overall context of the current situation. A red line that we’ll then act on according to a specific scheme.” “We did not list the catalog. In such a case, we will evaluate it very carefully.”

Hoffmann emphasized that they have only observed the developments so far and have not made a decision on possible steps to be taken.​

On the other hand, Wolfgang Büchner, the other Deputy Spokesperson of the German government, also criticized the suspension of the accounts of American journalists in his post on Twitter.

Büchner shared, “A personal note: The arbitrary suspension of journalist accounts is unacceptable. If this development continues, I will leave this platform.”



The German Foreign Ministry also shared a post criticizing Twitter’s decision.


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