Twitter disclosure that will be talked about a lot from Elon Musk

In Elon Musk’s 10th disclosure on the practices of the former Twitter administration, it was revealed that the company intervened in the discussions regarding the Kovid-19 outbreak by censoring information that contradicts the rhetoric of the US government, discrediting doctors and experts who disagreed with the government.

Elon Musk made the 10th of his disclosures under the name “Twitter Files” for about 3 weeks, through Free Press news site reporter David Zweig.


Sharing the internal correspondence of the former administration of Twitter on the content of the Kovid-19 epidemic, Zweig wrote that the US administrations put pressure not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook, Google and Microsoft regarding the discussions regarding the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Stating that the Trump administration was concerned about the content that would cause the public to panic at the beginning of the epidemic and put pressure on the company, Zweig said that the message of the President Joe Biden administration to the American people about the Kovid-19 epidemic said, “You are very afraid of Kovid-19 and to be safe, it is our duty to be safe. He stated that he was doing what we said and he was putting pressure on Twitter in this direction.

David Zweig noted that the subject of the Biden administration’s first meeting with Twitter was Kovid-19, and the main agenda of the meeting was interference with anti-vaccine accounts.

Berenson’s account has been suspended



Stating that the account of Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter and Twitter phenomenon known for his anti-vaccination, was also in the process, Zweig wrote that Berenson’s account was suspended after Biden’s statement that the content on the Kovid-19 epidemic on social media killed people.

The correspondence, which emerged that the Biden administration requested Twitter to suspend Berenson’s account, also included an e-mail sent by Lauren Culbertson, Twitter’s Director of US Public Policy, to employees regarding a summary of meetings with the White House in December 2022.

In the email, Culbertson wrote that the Biden team was “extremely angry” at Twitter’s failure to suspend many accounts, and that they wanted Twitter to do more.

On the other hand, Zweig stressed that Twitter has been targeted not only by the views of journalists like Berenson, but also by many medical and public health professionals who express viewpoints that conflict with the government’s official views and even refer to findings from accredited academic journals.

Stating that Twitter has made various interventions on the platform, which contradicts the views of many doctors and experts, which contradicts the official discourse, Zweig, Epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, Dr. He noted that Martin Kulldorff’s post, “Asking everyone to be vaccinated is as wrong as saying no one needs to be vaccinated,” was discussed on Twitter.

Zweig also shared the correspondence explaining that Kulldorff’s sharing would be interfered with because it was against the company’s Kovid-19 policy.

Stating that after this correspondence, the “Misleading” tag was added under Kulldorff’s post, Zweig noted that he had come across many similar interventions in internal correspondence.

The post Trump made after getting rid of the virus was also discussed

After Trump, who tested positive for Kovid-19, was discharged from the Walter Reed military hospital after his treatment, Zweig said, “I’m fine. Do not be afraid of Covid and do not let it dominate your life.” He wrote that his sharing of the form was also discussed within the company.

It was also among Zweig’s shares that one of the Twitter officials asked whether the statements “Do not be afraid of Kovid” violated the company’s policy, and received a response that this was not disinformation, but just a wish.

“Twitter Files”

For three weeks, Elon Musk has been revealing the internal correspondence of Twitter’s former administration by sharing it with a group of journalists.

These series of tweets, called the “Twitter Files” by Twitter’s new manager and independent journalists, reveal that Twitter’s former administration interfered with content biasedly because of his political views.

In the disclosures made so far, issues such as the censorship of Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s leaks, which emerged during the election process upon the request of US President Joe Biden’s team, and the suspension of Trump’s account, as well as issues such as the suspension of Twitter’s former administration of the US army in the Middle East. It was also revealed that he was a tool for his manipulations.


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