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Twitter copyright filter goes haywire: users upload entire films, one tweet at a time


Apparently the troubles for Twitter seem destined to never end. After the takeover of Elon Musk (and the tumultuous wave of mass layoffs), the social network is in chaos, to the point that last week the hashtag “#RipTwitter” entered the trends.

Apparently the copyright filter doesn’t work now either . In short, that filter that aims to prevent users from violating the intellectual property of films, TV series and so on. Moral? Several users have started posting entire films on the social network.

The copyright filter gone haywire, the only limit left is the maximum playing time allowed by Twitter posts. The social network does not allow sharing videos longer than 2 minutes. So users are still forced to unpack the movies into dozens of clips.

The most emblematic case is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which has been shared on the social network in recent days through over 50 clips divided into as many tweets. Meanwhile, after the post had been shared and commented on by thousands of users, the moderators intervened by removing the film. It is not clear whether the copyright filter is fully operational again and we do not even know the reasons that led to the deactivation of the anti-piracy feature. Elon Musk had ordered the deactivation of several ‘micro-services’ in an attempt to make the application launch faster. Too bad that in doing so the social engineers had also deactivated the receipt of two-factor authentication messages, closing several users out of their account for several hours.


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