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Twitter, companies flee but new users arrive: 2 million more every day


One month after its acquisition by Elon Musk , Twitter would have reached the highest growth figures ever. The social network – communicates the billionaire – is reportedly gaining 2 million new users every day on average. Daily registrations grew 66% from a year ago.


Twitter would have recorded the best data ever also with regard to the time spent on the app by users. Overall, Twitter users spend 8 billion minutes on the social network every day: a 30% increase over the same period (the week of November 15) last year. Elon Musk also shared a graph that would show a lower prevalence of so-called hate speech on the platform.

As Engadget points out, these results actually tell us little about Twitter’s financial health. Assuming that user activity has increased significantly, we know for a fact that a large number of companies have stopped buying advertising space on Twitter, for fear that the new management will not be able to stop the spread of racism and misinformation – and therefore to protect their respective brands.

Over the past two weeks, Twitter reportedly lost half of its 100 biggest advertisers. Elon Musk himself had been forced to admit to employees that “the hypothesis of bankruptcy cannot be excluded “.



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