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Twitter closes its Brussels office in charge of compliance with the European Union’s social media policies

According to the Financial Times, Twitter has closed its office in Brussels, Belgium. The social media platform’s European digital policy chiefs Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa reportedly left the company last week.

According to the Financial Times, Twitter has closed its office in Brussels, Belgium. Citing multiple sources, the publication reported that the social media platform’s European digital policy chiefs Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa left the company last week. Mozer and La Nasa had spearheaded Twitter’s efforts to comply with the EU’s disinformation law and the Digital Services Act, which went into effect last week.


The office is now completely closed as four other executives in the Brussels office, whose location plays a key role in relations with European Union politicians, have left as part of the mass layoffs. The Brussels office focused on European Union digital policy, working in a close circle of the European Commission, the EU’s executive body. The office in question would take on a new and important oversight role for the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Elon Musk has given an ultimatum to the employees of the company in the past weeks and will work intensively from now on; He said that those who do not comply with this pace should leave the company. Mozer and La Nasa reportedly quit their job in this context. 

The closure of the Brussels office also raised concerns about the management style of Elon Musk’s company. Vera Jourova, head of the EU’s Anti-Disinformation unit, is extremely worried that Twitter has fired so many employees; He added that Twitter, which has shown good cooperation in the fight against disinformation and preventing hate speech, expects to comply effectively with its commitments from now on.

Twitter continues to make mass layoffs since Elon Musk took office. We look forward to how far this situation will go and what will happen in the end.


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