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Twitter, after Donald Trump now Elon Musk proposes an amnesty for all accounts banned for life


Shouting ” Vox Populi, Vox Dei “, Elon Musk once again addresses the people of Twitter : “Do you want all banned accounts – with the exception of serial criminals and spammers – to be reinstated in the social network?”. The formula is the same experimented with Donald Trump, recently banned after a survey that saw the majority of users vote to get him back on the social network.


Again, users have 24 hours to vote on the poll . Without major surprises, for the moment those in favor of the general amnesty are in clear majority (72.3% against 23.7%). In addition to Donald Trump, in recent days Twitter has banned the accounts of a large number of other ‘victims’ of deplatforming, including controversial leaker Jordan Peterson and Kanye West.

It goes without saying that this is a decision that could have extremely serious consequences and which could also cause a new flight of advertisers.

As happened at the time of the referendum that led to Trump’s reinstatement, also in this case there is no shortage of doubts and misgivings about the opportunity to use such a poll to make such a delicate decision. Online polls have no statistical value and can easily be manipulated, for example by voting with hundreds of fake accounts, or by using bot accounts to vote.


Freedom of speech according to Elon Musk, this is how Twitter will change

Elon Musk recently gave more information on his interpretation of freedom of speech, explaining that he wants to work on a system capable of eliminating the visibility of tweets that contain  hate speech . Basically, Musk would like to hit the posts themselves, and not the authors of the tweets, who will not be banned tomorrow for the simple fact of sharing extreme or offensive opinions.


Such a system, however, would still require offensive tweets to be reviewed by a team of moderators. Twitter recently laid off more than 50% of its employees and 80% of its freelance contractors, weakening the site’s moderation business.

Free speech for everyone? Not really, there are exceptions. For example, Elon Musk has already promised that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will never be able to return to Twitter. “I have no mercy for anyone who uses children’s lives to get fame and money,” he said recently. Alex Jones was recently ordered to pay 9-figure damages after he claimed the Sandy Hooks massacre was staged by US intelligence to undermine the Second Amendment.


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