Turkmenistan is ready for cooperation on natural gas

Turkmenistan Parliament Deputy Kerimguli Geldiyev said that it is important to deliver Turkmen natural gas to the world market and that Turkmenistan is ready for cooperation in this regard.

Turkmenistan Parliament Deputy Kerimguli Geldiyev told Anadolu Agency (AA) that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Turkey, and said:


“In the last 30 years, relations between the two countries have reached a high level. Turkey’s support was particularly important in the process of international recognition of the legal status of Turkmenistan’s neutrality. This fundamental political support strengthens the position of the Republic of Turkey in the foreign policy of Turkmenistan.”

Geldiyev, who said that Turkmen-Turkish commercial and economic relations have been constantly improving, used the following expressions:

“Turkish companies are involved in the implementation of structural projects in the construction, transport and communication, energy sector, textile industry, health, agriculture, environmental protection and food production industry. It is particularly noteworthy that there are all opportunities and bilateral interests to deepen traditionally fruitful relations between our countries in the fields of education, tourism and culture. As the President of the Republic of Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) stated, there are great opportunities to increase the bilateral foreign trade volume to $5 billion.”

Stating that the energy sector is an important field of cooperation for the two countries, Geldiyev said:



“Turkmenistan ranks first in the world in natural gas reserves. Turkey, on the other hand, is an energy importer and at the same time the gateway to the European energy market. It is important to bring Turkmen natural gas, which is evaluated in the realization of post-pandemic economic development in terms of countries, regions and the world, to the world market by alternative means. Turkmenistan is ready to cooperate in this regard.”



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