Turkish tea introduced in Morocco

An event was held to promote Turkish tea culture in Morocco.

An event was held in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, to promote Turkish tea culture.
The event for the promotion of Turkish tea culture, which was added to the UNESCO list as an intangible cultural heritage, was organized in partnership with Turkish and Azerbaijani delegations.


In addition to tea, baklava and various desserts were served to the participants of the event.
Gülnur Aybet, Permanent Representative of Turkey to UNESCO, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that a side event was held by Çaykur in Rabat after the acceptance of the file on tea culture they presented with Azerbaijan.

Aybet said that they introduced the Turkish tea culture to the UNESCO Ambassadors at the event. UNESCO Ambassador to Azerbaijan Elman Abdullayev also reminded that “tea culture, which is a joint application of brotherly Turkey and Azerbaijan, has been added to the UNESCO list as an intangible cultural heritage”.
Abdulayev pointed out that adding the tea culture to the list is a very important and historical situation.

“Tradition of telling Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes” and “tea culture” were recorded on the UNESCO list as intangible cultural heritage at the 17th UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee Meeting for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage held in Morocco on Thursday following the joint application of Turkey and Azerbaijan.


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