Turkish and Uzbek young businessmen met at MUSIAD

An event called “Turkey-Uzbekistan Young Entrepreneurs Meeting” was held between Young MUSIAD and Uzbekistan Yoshlar Kelajagimiz Jamg’armasi. 40 young businessmen from Uzbekistan came together with Young MÜSAD and MÜSİAD members.

The first day of the program organized by Genç MUSIAD on 12-13 December; forum and B2B meetings were held. In the forum on “Young Entrepreneurship”; The presentation on MUSIAD Invest was made by Muhammet Ali Özeken and the presentation on MUSIAD Trade Office was made by Abdullah Bozatlı. Young MUSIAD Export Development Commission President İbrahim Çevikoğlu provided information on Turkey-Uzbekistan foreign trade data. Shevketov Otobek delivered a speech on the relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey.


Young MUSIAD President Furkan Akbal made statements about young entrepreneurship and the relations between the two countries. After the program, the MOU signing ceremony, which included gift presentation and long-term cooperation, was held. After mutual goodwill wishes, B2B meetings were held. Within the scope of B2B meetings, 26 Uzbekistan companies came together with the members of Genç MUSIAD and MUSIAD at the tables set up.

On the second day of the program, the delegation from Uzbekistan participated in the Turkey Innovation Week. Then, company visits were made on construction, fintech, proptech and procurement. 

The talks between the two organizations started in the program where the youth of the Turkish States Organization came together in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan on May 2022. He reached a high level as a result of his visit on the occasion of the 30 June Uzbekistan Youth Day.


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