Turkey earthquake headlines in the world … BBC wrote the 1000-kilometer ‘hope journey’! Neighboring press: Greeks and Turks one punch in the ruins

It has been mobilized for Turkey, which has experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the world. While many countries lend a helping hand to Turkey, the world press is reporting the developments in the region to their readers moment by moment. Here is the earthquake disaster in Turkey from the eyes of the world…

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from the earthquake zone since yesterday.


Greek appeared before its readers with the title ‘Greeks and Turks one punch in the ruins’. The report said ‘Greek and Turkish rescuers are trying to save lives in the wreckage like fists’.

Kathimerini newspaper’s news titled ‘Hope is fading, despair is growing’ said that ‘despair is increasing for people trapped in ruins’.


Neighboring media highlighted the story of Konstantinos Nikas, a member of the Greek Special Disaster Response Unit (EMAK).

Nikas couldn’t control his tears after pulling little Fatma out of the rubble. It turned out that Konstantinos Nikas’ father also saved a child in the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Greece in 1995.


In the BBC news titled ‘President Erdogan: It is impossible to prepare for such great disasters’, he also included the experiences of medical student Aylin Pulat, who traveled 1000 kilometers after being unable to Hear From Her Family.


Departing from Muğla to find out whether his family is alive or not, Pulat reached Adıyaman after a four-hour bus ride, a two-hour flight and a car journey of more than two hours.

The British broadcaster wrote that Pulat’s siblings and parents are alive but have lost 20 relatives.

Sharing the information that Turkey is in the earthquake zone with its readers, Time wrote that the number of deaths in Turkey and Syria may increase even more.

The US-based CNN International news included the words of Boğaziçi University Professor Mustafa Erdik. Erdik made the following statements in his statement;

‘Often what stands out are the kinds of crashes we engineers don’t like to see, which we call pancake crashes. It is very difficult to save lives in such crashes. This makes it very difficult for search and rescue teams to work.’


Today, as yesterday, many news sites featured satellite photos to reveal the extent of the earthquake.

NBC News used the headline ‘Satellite images show the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Turkey’.


Turkey earthquake made headlines in the world... BBC wrote about 1000 km journey of hope Neighboring press: Greeks and Turks one punch in the ruins


The British Guardian newspaper included satellite photos of the earthquake zone in its news. “Satellite photos reveal the shocking devastation caused by the earthquakes in Turkey,” said The Independent .

In the news of India-based NDTV , “Satellite images showed that after the earthquake that killed more than 15,000 people in Turkey and Syria, entire city blocks turned into ruins and large towns turned into rubble.”


Fox drew attention to the fact that the earthquake that caused the death of thousands of people in Turkey and Syria did not take place in the State of the Union speech made by US President Biden on Tuesday night and appeared before his readers with the title ‘Biden ignores the earthquake’.

Middle East Eye came out with the headline ‘Ankara deploys from ‘wall radar’ to find survivors. The report stated that a portable radar named ‘DAR’ was used during the rescue efforts.


Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet appeared before its readers with the headline ‘A race against time to find survivors after the earthquake’.

Announcing that the death toll in the two countries has risen to over 15,000, the Times of Israel commented that “hope for the survivors has waned”.

Another Israeli newspaper , Haaretz , highlighted Erdogan’s visit to the earthquake zone. The following statements were included in the article;

‘Erdogan, who will go to the elections in May, said that the rescue efforts gained momentum during his visit to the disaster area and promised that no one would be left homeless.’

German Der Spiegel appeared before his readers with the title ‘The Earthquake is becoming a political issue’.

Drawing attention to Charlie Hebdo’s scandalous cartoon, El Arabia said that the magazine was the target of criticism arrows. He was criticized for making fun of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in his satirical cartoon .


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