Turkey earthquake headlines around the world… NYT: No more Antakya! Greek press: The extent of the damage is too great

It has been mobilized for Turkey, which has experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the world. While many countries lend a helping hand to Turkey, the world press is reporting the developments in the region to their readers moment by moment. Here is the earthquake disaster in Turkey from the eyes of the world…

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from the earthquake zone since yesterday.


The Greek newspaper Kathimerini appeared before its readers with the headline ‘Greek scientists: The extent of the damage is too great’.


A cartoon was published in the newspaper as a response to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In the cartoon in question, a tear drops from the eye of a crescent-shaped moon in the sky above the collapsed buildings.

CNN Greece , on the other hand, gave the following statements in its news titled ‘The number of dead has exceeded 20 thousand, fear of epidemic’;

‘As rescuers in Turkey and Syria scramble to rescue survivors, aid groups warn that new snowfall, as well as a lack of water, communications and electricity, could trigger a deadly secondary disaster.’



Turkey earthquake headlines around the world... NYT: No more Antakya Greek press: The extent of the damage is huge

The earthquake drawing by Greek cartoonist Ilias Makris became the agenda on social media. In his drawing in the Kathimerini newspaper, Makris depicted a drop of tear dripping from the eye of the crescent moon in the sky on the collapsed buildings.


In the Proto Thema news, ‘Turkey’s president’s adviser İbrahim Kalın thanked Greece and Prime Minister Miçotakis personally for the support Greece provided to Turkey after the deadly earthquakes, with a post he shared on Twitter.’ provided information.


It is known that more than 20 thousand people died in earthquakes, in the news that the BBC commented that ‘freezing weather destroyed hopes’. However, the UN warns that the exact extent of the disaster is still unclear.


The New York Times (NYT), one of the leading newspapers in the USA , appeared before its readers with the headline “Antakya Is No More”: Turks Say An Earthquake Destroyed A City, A Civilization.

Thousands of people in Antakya, the region hit hardest by the most severe earthquake that has occurred in nearly a century in Turkey, are trying to make sense of the disaster that turned their lives upside down and left many homeless and propertyless. There is no memory and for some there is no future here.



Talking to Kazım Kuseyri, 41, who lives in Antakya, the newspaper gave place to Kuseyri’s statement, ‘Antakya no longer exists’. Speaking to the newspaper, Kuseyri continued his words as follows;

‘I lost my friends; I Lost The Buildings Where I Ate and drank with my friends . I lost all my memories. I no longer have a reason to live in Hatay. Because there is nothing.’

Euronews conveyed the experiences of the earthquake survivor Kasım Gündüz to its readers. Writing that Gunduz’s son, who survived the wreckage, died, Euronews reported that the old man’s wife is still under the rubble.

Euronews news that the couple was married for 52 years included the following words of Gündüz;

‘My wife’s name is Şefika, I said her rose my rose… then I said Şefika but I couldn’t hear anything from her. 


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