Turkey earthquake headlines around the world… Greek newspaper swindlers deciphered!

Turkey earthquake headlines around the world… Greek newspaper swindlers deciphered!

It has been mobilized for Turkey, which has experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the world. While many countries lend a helping hand to Turkey, the world press is reporting the developments in the region to their readers moment by moment. Here is the earthquake disaster in Turkey from the eyes of the world…

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from the earthquake zone since yesterday.


The Greek newspaper Kathimerini gave the following statements in its news titled ‘ Earthquake In Turkey: Fraudsters Make Money By Exploiting People’s Pain’;

‘While the rescue teams continue their work in the ruins, the scammers are trying to make money from the so-called donations by taking advantage of the wave of solidarity towards Turkey and Syria.’

The newspaper, which wrote that there are those who use even the wind of friendship and solidarity between Turkey and Greece for this purpose, revealed the deception of the accounts using the image of a Greek search and rescue team created on the internet, hugging a Turkish child.

The newspaper article, which wrote that the account in question was collecting donations in Bitcoin, said, “This user made the same post eight times in 12 hours. One of the two so-called donation accounts was again used for fraud.

“These Accounts Often Retweet News articles or reply to celebrity and corporate tweets to gain more visibility, ” said the newspaper, adding that scammers, who attracted more people’s attention, received help from many people.



Underlining that there are more than 100 such accounts in PayPal for donations to earthquake victims, Kathimerini said, “As PayPal has stopped operating in Turkey since 2016, experts recommend paying attention to those who appear to be living in Turkey.”

A similar warning came from the British Daily Mail newspaper. The newspaper article with the headline “Benevolent victims deceived by fake disaster pictures and images created by artificial intelligence” included the following statements;

‘Scammers put images of the disaster area on social media. But when asking for donations, they actually fill their own accounts.’

The British newspaper wrote that one of these accounts managed to collect 900 Dollars.


Turkey earthquake headlines around the world... Greek newspaper swindlers deciphered

In some accounts on Twitter, a link to cryptocurrency wallets is given along with emotional pictures and donations are requested. One account shared the same request eight times in 12 hours, with a photo of a firefighter hugging a child among collapsing buildings. However, the shared picture was not real. Greek newspaper OEMA reported that the photo was produced by fire chief Panagiotis Kotridis using Artificial Intelligence software Midjourney.



The British BBC, who wrote Onur Şahin, who took action to deliver aid from England after losing 100 of his friends in the earthquake yesterday, shared the story of Süleyman Yıldırım with its readers today.

The BBC wrote that Yıldırım, who left England to return to his hometown immediately after the earthquake, went to the region to deliver aid.


‘People are still under the rubble. Fortunately, my close family is fine,’ said the 39-year-old man, and continued his words as follows;

‘We’ve lost 16 of the larger family members so far and I expect 14 more to be under the rubble. Until the contrary is confirmed, there is still hope.’

Yıldırım said, ‘The reason I came here is to help as many people as I can.’

‘We expect to be here for at least two weeks,’ said the 39-year-old man. We have responsibilities at home in the UK. “We will do our best to achieve what we came here to do and get back to our families.”

US CNN, with the headline ‘Turkish rescue teams say voices are still heard from under the rubble’, stated that the work continues in some areas.

“The Turkey earthquake raises questions about the readiness of the mega-city Istanbul,” Nikei Asia said.

Al Arabia appeared before its readers with the title ‘Qatar donates World Cup mobile homes for earthquake victims to Turkey ‘. Middle East Eye wrote that the earthquake was the deadliest disaster in the history of Turkey, based on the loss of life.

CBC News wrote that there is still no news from Ghanaian national football player Christian Atsu. Qatar-based Al Jazeera announced the latest situation in the region with the following statement by its correspondent in Kahramanmaraş; ‘This city has turned into a mass graveyard’


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