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Truth, Donald Trump’s social network, is a huge disaster for the moment


Truth, Donald Trump’s social network, is not doing very well – to put it mildly. It was supposed to be a right-wing alternative to Twitter, ‘finally’ offering a space free of censorship and cancel culture. It was supposed to be also and above all a new virtual stage for the former US president, banned for life from almost every mainstream social network.


It has so far failed to do either, and despite very strong initial interest, Truth is rapidly sinking into oblivion.

Truth is not operational yet, even the most loyal users are losing patience

The biggest problem? Truth is not technically operational yet. Only a handful of users – mostly small right-wing influencers – have already been able to access the social network, all others interested in signing up have been bounced and placed on a long waiting list that is proceeding very slowly.

According to a report by Reuters, the waiting list already has over one million users. And meanwhile, the company is falling apart: Josh Adams, the former CTO of Truth, recently resigned, and Billy Boozer has also stepped down as head of development.


Truth made its debut on the Apple App Store on February 20th. At the time of its launch, the app had climbed the download chart of the social media section, reaching first place. The D1 was accompanied by several glitches, resulting in a 13-hour blackout.


According to The Verge, a month or so after launch, the app hasn’t made much progress. Users cannot yet access the social network and Donald Trump himself has not posted almost any content — because he is well aware of the failure of the initiative. What’s the point of posting if there aren’t any users listening anyway?

Truth quickly went from crunching 170,000 downloads a day to generating just 8,000.


Meanwhile, Truth Social has slipped to the 28th position of the App Store’s most popular social apps. According to an estimate by Apptopia, Truth quickly went from crunching 170,000 downloads a day to generating just 8,000.

Devin Nunes, executive of the Trump Media and Technology Group, had explained that the social network would not become fully operational before the end of March. We are in late April and nothing has changed yet.

The Donald is furious: “What the f*** is going on?!”

Most furious of all is Donald Trump, who expected anything but such a fiasco. Several collaborators – reveals a report from last March by the Daily Beast – would have heard him on several occasions cursing the executives of his company on the phone. “I want to know what the f*** is going on with the app.”


Also according to the Daily Beast, Trump is obsessed with the negative publicity reserved for his social network by the press. The former president is aware that the launch of the app went extremely badly and also for this reason he has chosen not to post any content before the problems are resolved.

“I want to know why no one is using it and why it’s not dominating the competing apps.” The risk is that TMTG’s activities will be completely shut down in a short time and that Trump will decide to sue the company’s executives for the clumsiness with which the launch of the app was handled


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