Tried to kidnap barista handing money out of glass

The person who came to a coffee shop in Washington state USA with his vehicle tried to kidnap the barista who was handing money out of the window. While those moments were reflected on the security camera, the attacker was caught and detained.

Tried to kidnap barista handing money out of glass.


In The Images Reflected On The Security Camera Of A Coffee Shop In The City Of Auburn, Washington state of the USA, it was seen that the driver tried to kidnap the barista through the window.

While the barista was handing money, the moments when the man grabbed the woman’s wrist and used a cable tie to catch it were captured on camera.

The Barista managed to get rid of the man’s hand and closed the window. The attacker fled the scene in his vehicle.

Following the incident on Monday, the police detained the attacker, whose identity they identified, on Tuesday.


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