Trauma: overcome it and be reborn


What is life like after trauma ? For example, it can be the death of a loved one, the attack of a stranger or the consequences of an accident. The causes are many and can occur at any time of life and at any age. It is possible that it occurs after experiencing an unpleasant situation that has not yet been fully assimilated. Trauma conditions, but if you know how to live with it it’s not worrying. 


The problem occurs when trauma becomes the protagonist of our emotional state. Each person is unique in reacting to and relating to trauma through responses with psychological or physical symptoms. In a trauma, guilt may often be present. For example, the person reproaches himself for having experienced the event that led him to the trauma or assumes responsibility for not avoiding it. Guilt can also come during recovery time , so dealing with it is important to be able to move forward. Valid is also the help of a psychologist. Attending support groups can offer great benefits for psychological therapy. 

It is also normal for anxiety to appear after a trauma and another little monster is loneliness . It is also true that only those who experience the trauma know what it means. The immediate environment tries to support the traumatized person and needs the latter to do so.  

Friends, partners, and family want help through the trauma. Only those who are suffering from the trauma will allow those near and dear to help them. Another important negative factor is excessive shame which reduces social skills and self-esteem. It can be a handicap in the recovery process. 


It is not easy to resume a normal life after a trauma, but it is enough to cut what lies at the roots of the trauma and eradicate it. But you need someone to be able to remove them. Psychological therapy is a useful ally in overcoming trauma and its consequences. We need to have acceptance of everything that has happened, until the day it won’t hurt anymore, allowing us to live normally. 

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