Trauma: intergenerational transmission


One always wonders what psychological consequences children who have suffered abuse or other traumatic problems are exposed to. However, rarely does one reflect on the consequences of being raised by parents with traumatic events. Here in this case the children can have secondary reactions to traumatic events that occurred even before their birth. For example, the traumatic effects of war and captivity affect not only the soldiers themselves, but also their loved ones. In fact, some studies have shown that children of veterans report behavior problems (depression, aggression, substance abuse).

What is the causal relationship between maternal secondary post-traumatic stress disorder and psychopathological implications in children? Is the role of secondary traumatic stress in mothers mediating that of children or an aggravating factor? Then, the psychopathological implications of paternal traumas have an effect on mothers and children. A psychopathological sensitivity in mothers can be aggravating on the conditions of the children. These live in an environment where not even their parents feel safe.

It would be important for parents to meet their children’s basic needs by providing an environment that is both emotionally and physically safe . Furthermore, also allowing for the exploration of the external environment. Gender role reported in the study a more severe secondary symptomatology in women. They are more sensitive and predisposed to PTSD and secondary traumatic stress.

Personality traits appear to play a key role in the intergenerational transmission of trauma. The predisposition is explained by people with high scores who focus on negative and threatening elements present in the external environment, so as to be more vulnerable. In fact, the hallmarks are mood swings, distorted cognitions, and excessive worry.

  • The intergenerational transmission of trauma (


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