TransNusa Airlines receives the COMAC ARJ21

TransNusa Airlines receives the COMAC ARJ21.


Indonesian TransNusa Airlines has received the COMAC ARJ21, the Chinese regional aircraft. The manufacturer delivered the aircraft to its first foreign customer, in fact, TransNusa. COMAC could be a threat to the Airbus-Boeing duopoly. The delivered COMAC ARJ21-700 is registered PK-TJA and configured with 95 economy class seats. Its flight range is 2,225 to 3,700 kilometers (1,382 to 2,300 miles). 


Excluding the newcomer, TransNusa has three aircraft in its fleet, all of which are Airbus A320-200s leased from aircraft lessors. Deliveries of all COMAC ARJ21-700s should be completed by 2026. COMAC still has some tricks up its sleeve that allow it to threaten the Airbus-Boeing duopoly, such as the C919. The first single-aisle aircraft has been delivered to customer China Eastern Airlines. After the first delivery, COMAC has to fulfill hundreds of orders from different airlines. The question remains whether the official rival competing with the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 will ever be able to reach international markets. The answer is wrapped up in when and which foreign customer will do it. 

The C919 will certainly be able to obtain adequate sales which will allow the aircraft to be able to spread in international markets. Just as the COMAC ARJ21-700 has been delivered to TransNusa, Russian, Indonesian or African carriers may be possible customers of the regional aircraft or the C919. COMAC should not be underestimated as an aircraft manufacturer


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