Transfusions: used for the first time of artificial blood


In England, the first infusion of artificial blood created in a laboratory took place at the University of Bristol . The experts started with stem cells from a standard donor. The artificial blood was used for a transfusion and had no side effects in the recipients. The identity of the patients is anonymous, but they are the first two people in the world to have received the artificial blood transfusion.

The red blood cells that make up artificial blood were created in England in a laboratory in Bristol. Later they were infused together with a radioactive substance to be labeled and recognized. The experimentation carried out by British researchers in the future will also concern medical centers in London. There will be a total enrollment of ten patients who will be given mini infusions of artificial blood.

If the results prove to be successful in the long term, great prospects could soon open up. A real revolution could be triggered in the field of transfusions but also in the treatment of various blood pathologies. We started from stem cells, because they are the only ones capable of producing any type of red blood cell, even the rarest ones. The artificial red blood cells work better and last longer than those from a standard transfusion with cells of varying ages. Also a way to improve quality of life and reduce iron over load due to frequent blood transfusions. Artificial blood also helps treat some blood disorders. An aid also to patients with rarer blood groups who today have very few donors, but who are affected by rare diseases such as sickle cell anemia.

  • An artificial blood created in the laboratory has been used to carry out transfusions: it is the first time in the world (


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