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Transformers Reactivate Announced With Cinematic Trailer

Transformers Reactivate comes with a doomsday scenario full of spaceships. The game will be released on console and PC platforms.

The Game Awards, one of the favorite events of the game world and hosting numerous new announcements, started at 03.30 pm with the presentation of Geoff Keighley. On the one hand, the games find their awards in various categories, on the other hand, brand new news and updates are enough to inflame the industry.


The Transformers series may be making a comeback to the gaming industry with Bumblebee. Although the trailer shown does not contain much detail, let’s take a look.

Alien Doomsday Scenario Transformers Reactivate On The Way

Gears 5 will be in the developer seat of Splash Damage Transformers Reactivate, which also took part in productions such as Batman Arkham Origins. Looking at the history of the company, multiplayer productions are mostly encountered. Due to this situation, it is highly likely that our game will be multiplayer.

The most interesting part of the trailer was undoubtedly the scene that can also be described as a reactivation scene. This scene is most likely from the perspective of the autobot, Bumblebee. The point that strengthens the blood is the yellow-looking parts of itself.

Trailer Shown at The Game Awards:

It is also among the information obtained that the project, which is planned to be released on console and PC, will have a closed beta in 2023.


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