Tomato juice: why is it tastier on an airplane?


Lufthansa is carrying out statistics on the preferences of food and drinks consumed by passengers on the road. The surprising truth that has come out is that tomato juice is tastier on the plane . In 2010, like 200,000 liters of tomato juice were served. The causes of this fact have been studied and the factors involved are interesting. It is the pressurization of the plane and the low humidity on board that affect the perception of taste. This is how we appreciate less some foods and drinks, which we usually consume, sending us towards foods that we would never normally want to taste.


It seems that tomato juice has magical powers and retains high palatability. Another trick is background noise during flight. In an experiment, some volunteers were examined by making them wear headphones that generated a background noise similar to airplanes. Here the perception of taste had once again changed causing people ‘s preferences to vary .

Background noise influences taste within our brain, but the tomato remains in first place even with disturbing noises. Why does a first-time passenger order tomato juice? The reason is another. Tomato juice is attractive because it is non-alcoholic, healthy and refreshing, and has few calories. It seems that seeing the passengers order tomato juice from most of the others, they are influenced by the choice . However to attest to this just try it during the next flight!

  • Tomato juice is tastier on airplanes: science says so. (


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