Tokayev re-elected president of Kazakhstan

The incumbent President of Kazakhstan, Kasım Cömert Tokayev, received 81.31 percent of the votes in the early presidential elections.

Kazakhstan Central Election Commission announced the final results of the early presidential elections held in the country on November 20. Accordingly, Tokayev won the election, in which 6 candidates competed, with 81.31 percent of the votes.


In the elections, where 8 million 300 thousand of approximately 12 million registered voters went to the polls, 6 million 456 thousand 393 people voted for the incumbent President Tokayev.

Among the other candidates, Jiguli Dayrabeyav 3.42 percent (271 thousand 641 people), Karakat Abden 2.60 percent (206 thousand 206 people), Meiram Kajiken 2.53 percent (200 thousand 907 people), Nurlan Auesbayev 2.22 percent (176 thousand people). 116 people) and Sultanat Turisbekova got 2.12 percent (168 thousand 731 people) of the vote.

In addition, 5.8 percent of the voters (460 thousand 484 people) voted for the “against all” option on the ballot for the first time in the said elections.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Nurlan Abdirov, stated that, in accordance with the Constitution of Kazakhstan, the candidate who won more than 50 percent of the votes of the electorate was elected as the President, “Therefore, in the early presidential elections held on November 20, 2022, Kasım Cömert Tokayev was elected as the President of Kazakhstan.” said.

Tokayev will take an oath at the swearing-in ceremony to be held in the capital Astana on November 26.



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