Titles given to Franco were withdrawn

In Spain, it was announced that the honors of the dictator Franco and the high-ranking representatives of the period were withdrawn.

The left-wing coalition government in Spain, under the Democratic Memory Act, which came into force a week ago, withdrew the Order of Distinguished Merit given to dictator Francisco Franco by the Ministry of Labor in the past.


In a statement to the press, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor Yolanda Diaz announced that the honors granted to dictator Franco and other high-ranking representatives of the fascist era were withdrawn.

Diaz, who made the definition of “infamous book” for the special notebook used in the Ministry of Labor during the dictator Franco period and called the ” Golden Book”, said, “It is something abnormal and incompatible with democracy. I apologize to all victims for the delay in withdrawing these titles, which are given to people with bloody hands. I hope this will never happen again.” said.

Reminding that, in addition to the Democratic Memory Act, the Council of Ministers decided to abolish all titles given to those representing the dictator Franco regime in February, Diaz said that the titles given to prominent figures of the regime such as general Juan Yagüe, cardinal Enrique Plaid or ex-minister Jose Soliz Ruiz, apart from the dictator Franco. He also noted that he had withdrawn.

Although the practice of erasing traces of the dictator Franco period from the public sphere, which started with the historical memory law that came into force in Spain in 2007 and developed with other laws, continues, in some cities, including the capital Madrid, the names of the symbols of this period are still on the streets or streets.



The left coalition government, which “equalized humiliating the victims of the Franco regime with glorifying those who committed crimes against humanity” and “declared the dictatorship period (1936-1975) illegal”, with the recently adopted Law of Democratic Memory, consisted of two grandchildren of the dictator Franco and a senior general and It abolished the titles accorded to 33 descendants of ministers.

Opposition outraged

Alberto Nunez Feijoo, the leader of the main opposition People’s Party (PP) in Spain, said that if they win the general elections scheduled for November 2023 and come to the government, they will cancel this law.

Speaking to foreign press members, Feijoo argued that the law in question was “not fair and disrupted the social and historical reconciliation that was built at that time between the Socialist Workers Party and the People’s Party” and said, “Are we going to go back 80 years or look to the future 80 years?” he said.



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