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Tinder focuses on anonymity: incognito mode arrives (but only for those who pay)

Tinder focuses on anonymity: incognito mode arrives (but only for those who pay).


Incognito mode is also coming to Tinder. The goal is to allow you to show the profile only to users you are interested in. In short, a function that enhances your privacy and protects you from any exes, stalkers or unwelcome people.


Only people you’ve liked will be able to see your profile. Incognito Mode is only available to Tinder+, Premium, and Gold subscribers.

With the new incognito mode, users will still be able to swipe left or right, but the difference is that only the people you’ve liked will see your profile. This feature will be available exclusively to Tinder+, Gold and Premium subscribers , the dating app’s three paid subscriptions.

Tinder has announced a second feature that allows you to block a profile , even before a match. Basically, in addition to the classic like or dislike, the user can also decide to block a profile in the “scroll” phase, in order to prevent that account from being shown a second time, or that the latter can see the your profile. This function is also designed to avoid annoying embarrassments: for example, to hide from colleagues, classmates and so on.


Finally, the application of the Match group has also strengthened the signaling function, allowing private messages to be reported to the moderators as well and asking for action in the event of offensive messages.


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